Skin Care

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  1. Mermaid Ku Patti Oriot says:

    Do you think you don’t have time for a skin care routine? Well you do! How do I do it? Here is my night time gig! Wash my face with Mermaid Minerals PINK foaming Oxygen cleanser. 1 minute (to remove initial make up) Rinse. Apply a small amount again on my face and then use my ARIEL facial brush for about 1 minute all over my face. Rinse. Apply Glycolic Mositure Creme. This is my exfoliator. 30 seconds. Apply Ultra Green Tea Serum (new SKIN MEDS). 30 seconds. Apply Night Time Retinol ( 3 times per week. On the nights I don’t use this I use SUPER FIRMING CREAM) 30 seconds. A few times a week I put the new NUTR FILL at night for a nice night time while you sleep treatment. As you can see, the entire routine is less than 5 minutes! The benefits last a lifetime! Of course you can interchange the routine for the products you love and need to get the results for your particular skin. Look later this week for my blog about How to get out of the house in 5 minutes with full make up !

  2. Mermaid Ku Patti Oriot says:

    GOT ROSACEA? We have several products to help! ZEN Hydrator/toner spray contains Aloe, Tea Tree Oil, Lavender & Chamomile to help calm rosacea. BLESSED Vitamin C Serum contains Green Tea, Lavender, Aloe Vera, Chamomile & Neem oil. All important in treating ROSACEA. Our PEARL cleanser also contains NEEM oil ! Looking for make up that will help as well? Try our BAKED MINERAL POWDER which contains Lavender & Green Tea also! Help is just one click away!

  3. Manhattan Mermaid says:

    I absolutely love the NALU Restorative Marine Moisturizer. I have had a hard time finding a great moisturizer that is nourishing and that won’t react badly with my sensitive skin. I was so pleased when I found this product! Plus the subtle scent doesn’t aggravate my allergies either. I also use the Blessed Vitamin C serum and Zen Hydrating mist. They’re both effective, but gentle and very pleasurable to use. I love knowing that I am caring well for my skin with great products that are healthy for both me and for Mother Earth : )

  4. Mermaid Natalie says:

    AHA Mint Masque always makes my face feel clean and hydrated. I use it right after the eye makeup remover and the LIMU face cleanser!!!

  5. Mermaid Ku Patti Oriot says:

    Thank you for your comments!

  6. hannah24 says:

    I have been using Mermaid Mineral for two years now. I live in a dry climate (Las Vegas) and it is really hard for your skin to not be dry especially when you are over age 60. Nalu is the best moisturizer and I have used them all including products from the doctor which are 5 times more expensive and they don’t work any better. I cannot say enough about Aolani infused sunscreen. Totally protects from sun and makes skin look great, with or without makeup. I love all Mermaid products but I would be here all day if I had to go through each one