Merman of the Month ~ November ~ Merman Dylan Zalrian

12294895_1185679854794863_7486707518716612095_nWell, I’ve been a merman at heart since I was 4 or 5 when I first actually wanted to have a tail. Only recently this year, I’ve gotten my first tail, and I’ve been swimming pretty fast into the lifestyle.




Lately, I’ve decided to slow down and enjoy the coral. There’s time or everything else, but what I want most is the chance to make new friends and meet exciting and fun people. 12319591_1189579114404937_1393098944_nWhile I’m looking for friends, I’m the merman that loves to have fun and explore the world around me.  12305856_1189578341071681_1601652664_n 12319232_1189579351071580_763154909_n I want to live in the moment and flip my tail. I honestly don’t know what will come tomorrow, but I know that if I follow my heart and swim with the tides. I’ll find my way to exactly where I need to be.

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