Merman of the Month ~ August ~ Merman Nando

11973275_10206365848619333_1646358332_oI am Nando D of the deep blue sea, I am half merman half pirate. I come from Puerto Rico, where I spin fire to Signal fellow pirate ships of potential plunder.

The rest of the time I spend dancing and getting into shenanigans with pirates and merfolk alike. 11884176_10206365848819338_1280945798_o

I live this lifestyle to bring a sense of magic and wonder to this world of realists, you can be more than a square.11992314_10206365849099345_233370343_n11948095_10206365848179322_564078970_n

Conservation and sustainability are key to a successful future. bringing my concepts of freedom, fun and conservation I hope to make an impact on the next generation.11937987_10206365848939341_384750274_n11992480_10206365848219323_1905477767_n

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