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12351214_489158027932547_995159468_nAs far back as I can remember, Water has always, always been a place of Home, Peace, Solace, Joy, and Adventure.   As a little one I could swim before I could walk (largely attributed to my visual impairment by some- but personally I -know- it’s because despite my being a Virgo, I’m just a MEGA waterbaby at heart. ^_^) No matter its form (be it ice n’ snow, rain or river, lake, pool or ocean), I have always been enchanted by water and its innumerable denizens.12351159_489164051265278_1880543171_n

12346881_489158024599214_1628483474_nAs a kid I fell in love with “Splash” and “The Little Mermaid” in theatres, and endlessly reveled in feeling the currents ripple down my legs as I dolphin-kicked merrily beneath the surface.   But it wasn’t until visiting Weeki Watchee at 16 did it ever occur to me that becoming a mer in the flesh (rather than just in spirit) was ever physically, tangibly possible. (And even then, I never tried out to perform with them, because I was CERTAIN they’d never, ever possibly want a plus-size mer like me to join their dazzling ranks.12334082_489165097931840_766840026_o

Aside from researching tails and tail makers, it took many, many years for me to get the confidence to share my fins with the world. But around 2009-2010 I discovered the Body Positivity movement, and suddenly, it was like my whole WORLD began to blossom. 12351000_489165377931812_1388558917_nGradually I gained the confidence to pursue one dream after another; first it was bellydance classes, then it was performing onstage, and with the support and love of the bellydance community and others who’d helped uplift and empower me and others like me, finally, it occurred to me to look into mermaiding again. –And that’s when I found a pod of merfolk (with other fluffy mers too!), right smack dab in a city that had AMAZING bellydancers and performing opportunities all in once place. XD

Which is why, soon after, I moved from my home near Washington DC to Portland, OR- to pursue my dreams of being the world’s first singing, bellydancing mermaid! ;D

12312314_489163837931966_2117714369_nNow I perform regularly around the Portland, OR area with a pod of truly AMAZING merfolk, making children of all ages happy at faires, festivals, and even local fountains and pools.  12355259_490622717786078_432636331_n I love to sing & bellydance, swim n’ shimmy everywhere I go (even in my tail!), and hope to inspire people of ALL ages, background, genders and dis/abilities to pursue their own dreams, in everything I do. (Beit on-land or amidst my favorite, aqueous element. ;D) And someday I aim to be a professional, full-time mer performer; entertaining people in great big aquariums and traveling tanks, and developing my own singing, shimmying, multi-environment show! ‘Cause no matter WHO you are or where you’re from, every creature on this earth has its own, special magick, and everyBODY deserves to live their dreams!

12312387_489158017932548_1935829862_nThank you so much, Mermaid Minerals for giving me this opportunity! I wanna show people that it’s okay to be different, and you can pursue your deepest dreams no matter HOW “different” you may feel sometimes. ‘Cause we’re stronger than we often believe, and being unique is GOOD. Besides, beauty in nature comes in ALL shapes, sizes, kinds n’ colors, and there’s room for ALL of us in this great, big, beautiful “ocean!”


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