Mermaid of the Month ~ April ~The Harlem Mermaid, Cookie Mermaid

Ever since I was a little girl I knew I was meant to be someone special. 

After watching Mr. Peabody and The Mermaid I knew what it was I wanted

to be A Mermaid!   


After entering photoshop contest on NCMerfest page given by MerKing Christomer,

at merfriends advice, I won first prize which was 

Round trip to NCMerfest 2014 Mermaid Gathering! omg  I was beyond excited!

on of the conditions i needed a mermaid tail, which is how i started photoshopping

myself in fishes tail, and now i was going to be one, so my hubby watched video on how

to make it, and said I can do that , your going ! Long story short… He made my first

spandex blue mermaid tail. Went to NCMerfest and there I became a Mermaid,

I am now called Harlem Mermaid.


I have now entertain children at our local pools and did my first mermaid Gig, with my

11178231_816394775118801_1875085952175588436_nMerwrangler by my side.  Had so much fun, They now call me Their Mermiad!


In summer’s I also go to Merfriend Meetups hosted by another Mersister and we meet and

greet children and even adults want to take photos with us mermaids.  I aslo go to my

special place,  my old childhood stomping grounds at Randalls Island which I now call

my Mermaid Grotto.


11178309_816396918451920_8285730978991609173_nAnd at long last My Fairy Tale MerWedding, I married my MerWrangler in the First

Pool MerWedding,  which took place at NCMerfest Event 2015.  Last but not least

I have finally won Mermaid of the Month of April on Mermaid’s Mineral’s Page!

How cool is that!  A fairy tale (tail) life Im Blessed.  My motto is to all:

Dream it, Believe it, Live it!









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