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Beat the Heat – with Mermaid Mineral’s Beauty Products

IMG_1169    Summer is fast approaching and for mermaids the swim season is already in full swing! Many a days are spent in the sun and salt of the beach and pool parties are being booked, which means lots of damage to our skin and hair. Fortunately there is a company out there that caters to the mermaid and her needs, and that company is Mermaid Minerals, of course!

IMG_1165My skin is very important to me and with consent exposure to sun, salt, and chlorine, I am always on the lookout for lotions and this year Mermaid Minerals introduced a new lotion called Beach Butter!  Which is great for your face or your body, the best part of this lotion is it’s made with PABA & Zinc which are found in sunscreens and absorb ultraviolet rays naturally! But if are you fair skinned or tend to sunburn, you still need to use sunscreen to protect your skin from those nasty ultra-violet rays! Use before and after you spend the day at the beach, the Vitamin E and antioxidant found within Beach Butter protects your skin on a cellular level from free radicals which gives your skin a healthy glow and helps protect against wrinkles! This lotion will leave your skin feeling silky smooth with luxurious mango and shea butters combined with Organic Coconut and Jojoba oil to rejuvenate your salt dry skin.  Treat your skin with Beach Butter after the beach or pool to help soothe dry itchy skin and after your shower to keep your skin silky smooth and touchable soft!

And speaking of skin, your lips do not rehydrate themselves and chlorine can be very drying to your lips and eyes.  Whether its winter or summer, your lips need moisture to help prevent wrinkles and cracked or chapped lips, keep your kisser soft and supple with a lip protector. I recommend using a lip balm that has an SPF, one can never be too careful when comes to the sun. IMG_1157Mermaid Minerals carries a line of lip balm with an added SPF 10, in several flavors, like Strawberries N’ Cream  and Key Lime, right now I am using ‘Nutty Kisses”, it has a creamy almond flavor that is light and not overpowering and great for those of you who hate the taste of regular drug store chap sticks. I carry a lip balm with me wherever I go and when my lips feel a little dry, I have it at the ready. Also recommend applying a lip protectant with SPF under your lipsticks or glosses, it will help keep your lips moisturized and protect from the sun, because sunburned lips is a real bummer! When using a lip balm underneath you lipsticks you will need to blot in between layers and powder you lips with a setting powder to help keep your lipstick in place.  I recommend the setting powder produced by Mermaid Minerals, it goes with me to every photoshoot, it truly is a must have!

Chlorine has got to be a mermaid’s number one arch enemy; it dries out your skin, reddens your eyes and fries your hair! What is a girl to do?! Unfortunately for those of us who spend a ridiculous amount time in chlorinated water there is little we can do outside of preventive maintenance and repair.  One product I use to help protect my hair is Mermaid Minerals Hair Protector spray in leave in conditioner.  Last summer I fried my hair and this year I have been trying to get back to healthy and one of things I do is wet and spray my hair with Hair Protector before every practice swim and of course after every swim before I hit the showers.IMG_1159

I spray my hair and comb it out, and then I wash my hair with a clarifying shampoo and conditioner, keep your fins crossed, with any luck I will see a lot less signs of damage to my hair this year.  Pick up a bottle of Mermaid Minerals Hair Protector and share your progress in hair care by leaving a comment below!

At the end of the day and the makeup and chlorine has been washed away , the delicate skin on your face may feel dull, rough, or dry, a gentle exfoliating cleanser is sure to do the trick! I use the Papaya Crème Enzyme Polish by none other than Mermaid Minerals. The papaya enzymes aid in anti-aging and the extra exfoliation removes dead skin from the surface of your face, allowing the absorption of other products more quickly. Be sure to follow with a moisturizer or face cream to keep your fresh face from drying out. After just one use you will see instant results, your skin will be brighter and feel smoother!

IMG_1153This has been my Beat the Heat Summer Product review, I hope you enjoyed it and I hope I have inspired you to try some of our products at home. You can purchase Mermaid Minerals from our website or from our Etsy Shop Or maybe you don’t want to commit to a new product line? You purchase small or sample sizes of many of our products or you can join in on our monthly Mermaid of the Month Contest on Facebook for your chance to win a free goodie bag with samples from some our favorite products.




Love, Peace, & Mermaids,

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