Mermaid of The Month January ~ Mermaid Merlissa

Mermaid Merlissa
Mermaid Merlissa

Mermaid Merlissa born seaside and grew up with it’s influences in her early life. Sadly, she was forced north to colder waters and an hour inland. However, she never stopped hearing the waves’ call. To cope with this loss, Merlissa began to draw and paint images from the sea. Through her life, she used her art to inspire others to want to lean more and protect the oceanic world. One such inspired person was a Native American woman who told Merlissa that her spirit guide was from the sea and that was one reason why she was so drawn to it. “Orca is always watching you.” From that point on, Merlissa also adopted the nickname “Little Orca.” Merlissa had often dreamed of trading her legs in favor of a tail, but it was a dream that felt out of reach. Being overweight, Merlissa did not believe she would be well received in the world as a mermaid. In 2007, Merlissa decided she did not want to wait any longer and decided to let the world laugh if they wanted to; she was going to follow a dream. The journey to mermaid was not an easy one for Merlissa. While she enjoyed crafting her five unique tails, the sharks were never far away. Every movement Merlissa made attracted the attention of those wishing to tear her down. Harassment was constant; since she did not look like an Ariel or Madison, Merlissa was belittled and had terrible things said to her and messages left for her daily.

Despite this, Merlissa kept going. The experience of being cradled in the water and moving in a fluid motion was for her, no one else. It was meditative-like, spiritual, and she would not let the relentless barking of negative persons stop her. She was not there to decorate anyone’s world. She was there to live in hers. Merlissa has served as inspiration to other mermaids and mermen over the last few years. She has received messages of thanks for inspiring them to take the plunge and create or purchase a tail even though they felt they were ‘too large.’ Whispers from other mermaids have also informed Merlissa that the detail work she puts into painting on her own tails has inspired others to do the same. What the tides have in store for Merlissa’s future is unknown. She will continue to swim, laugh, and love.

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