Mermaid of The Month ~ February ~Mermaid Melusinah


Mermaid Melusinah is the Owner of Caught in the Net: Mermaid Treasures. She is a Certified PADI Scuba Diver, Mermaid enthusiast, and occasionally pretty dang Crafty! Melusinah is also a lover of the oceans and the marine life that lives there! She loves using treasures from land and sea to bring unique and exclusive creations to fellow Mermaids, and Humans alike! Mermaid Melu is also a Mermaid Mommy to a youngling fondly referred to as “Little Guppy”, L.G. shares her mommy’s love for sea life and all things mermaid! If you are interested in connecting with Caught in the Net and Mermaid Melu, please check out her websites!

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Caught In the Net: Mermaid Accessories, Treasures, and Jewlery

Hand- Crafted Mermaid, Ocean, Gypsy, Bohemian, Fae Inspired Jewelry, Accessories and Treasures. It all started with a Mermaid, some Buried Treasure and a little
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