Orcas on Vacation


The warm waters of Puerto Rico seem not only receive annually humpback whales mating seasons, but also serve as habitat for orca population residing in the Caribbean. These giant cetaceans unfairly and erroneously known as “killer whales”, sailing about 18 miles southeast of Cabo Rojo Lighthouse.Not only are humpback whales on the shores of Puerto Rico but dolphins to.On a daylong   fishing trip people were lucky to see killer whales and were roughly about eight, big and small.

Moreover, although there are no studies of how large the population of killer whales living in the Caribbean Sea, is believed to be a considerable amount to the warm temperatures of our waters, given the preference of these mammals by warmer waters.

“There is a population that covers our waters, but has been little studied and is not known if they are residents of Puerto Rico or ocean in the Caribbean,” said Grisele Rodríguez Ferrer, a biologist from the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources (DNER ).

The marine mammal expert indicated that the fall season is when most sightings occur on our shores. But he added that citizens also have reported that in summer you have seen in the North. In addition, Rodriguez Ferrer said they have been baptized with the name “killer whale” by the way they catch their prey for food and not because attacking humans.

Furthermore, the expert specified that these huge mammals are family of whales, if not delfinidae family (dolphins).

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