Natural Hair Care from Mermaid Minerals and the Mermaids who Use Them

mmAll walks of life from all over the globe have honored the power and mystery of Hair. We see its power told in stories from the Bible’s Samson and Delilah to O. Henry’s The Gift of the Magi, from the Brother’s Grim Fairy Tale Rapunzel to Han Christian Anderson’s The Little Mermaid wherein Marina’s sisters cut their hair to buy a knife for her to secure her return to the ocean.

Perhaps, we as mermaids, do the most damage to our hair. On land we have gel, hair spray, curling irons, flat irons, hair dryer, color, bleach, tonner, and it all takes a toll on your hair. If that isn’t bad enough we live half our lives in water. Chlorine, pool chemicals, sun, tangles, salt water and dry beach air is never a good combination. So what is a girl to do? Try going Natural! Use products that are vegan, organic, and natural. Mermaid Minerals offers several Hair Care products that are all natural and even 96% Organic! Like Mermaid Mane’s Hair Protect ~ Leave in Detangle Spray, plus it is certified Vegan! I have confessed to my thin hair and tangled mess, so here is my little tip…wet your hair before you hit the pool spray with Hair Protect and braid your hair. After you swim unbraid your hair spray again, comb out your hair before you shampoo. This should help keep down the tangles and help keep the frustration of combing said tangles to a minimum!

We all have little beauty secrets and a few lovely ladies have gathered their knowledge of  natural hair care you do at home for little out of pocket cost that will result in beautiful healthy, shiny hair!

Mermaid Patti suggests,

“Kukui Nut Oil it is recommended for people who are suffering from dull and unhealthy hair, massage kukui oil onto the scalp because it acts as a conditioner and helps hair to regain lost moisture, protects against split ends, and works as a stimulating agent on scalp for hair growth. It also checks the growth of dandruff and soothes dry, itchy scalps.”


Mermaid Marina suggests,

”Use hot almond oil  at night, just heat it up for 10 seconds and apply it to the roots. It does wonders; it grows faster and gives a nice shine!”


Lady Raven suggests,

“Wash with Dawn, apply warm olive oil to hair (not on scalp) especially to ends, braid, wrap up in warm towel from dryer, relax for a couple hrs…wash with normal shampoo twice, condition as usual, air dry.”


Mermaid Vira suggests,

“…and apply coconut oil (Yes the kind you can cook with) very sparingly to ends underneath at nape 1st, then add more to your hands (always making sure to rub thru your hands and get to body temperature before applying) so to spread evenly and absorb. If coconut is not absorbing and seems to heavy, you did not need oil there, so work slowly applying. After ends and nape are oiled let the rest of your hair drape over your hands and allow your hair to pick it up where it needs it (on top and sides) never forcing it into the hair.”


Lady Crystal suggests,

“Soaking your hair in coconut milk (found in the grocery store) to remove dirt and residue and replenish your hairs natural shine and strength.  Saturate your hair in coconut milk let it drip through your hair, when it stops dripping tie it in a bun and leave for about an hour. Wash your hair normally.”

Ps. washing your hair with Coconut Milk also helps remove chlorine and its smell from your hair. It is also wonderful to use on your skin!


Mermaid Meridian Mer-Gyver Suggests,

“Give your hair some moisture and shine with my favorite hair mask you can make at home. (This is really good for those of us with dry damaged hair!) Mix 1 tablespoon of natural raw honey and 3 tablespoons of olive oil, microwave for 30 seconds. When the honey and oil is cool enough to touch work the mixture through your hair from root to tip. Put your hair is a bun cover your head with a shower cap and then wrap your head in a warm towel. Leave in for about 1 hour. Wash and style as normal.”


Love, Peace, & Mermaids,



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One Response to Natural Hair Care from Mermaid Minerals and the Mermaids who Use Them

  1. Jo-AnnByers says:

    Dearest Mermaids,

    I just wanted to let you know that the other night I tried your hair treatment The results were amazing!! The difference your treatment made in my hair is nothing short of fabulous!!

    My hair is very fine (like rabbit fur) but I have quite a bit of it so it’s not flat and it usually has lots of body (I have naturally curly hair). I have always used a blow dryer and hot iron to straighten it which made it pretty damaged and dry on top of the damage done by colouring it. The ends were a mess. Now with only one treatment the difference is amazing to feel and see.

    The mixture I used was:
    1 tbsp of raw honey
    2 tbsp olive oil
    1 tbsp coconut oil

    I didn’t have a shower cap so I used saran wrap around my head then wrapped my head in a heated towel (a turbie towel) for an hour.
    Every 15 mins I untwisted the towel and used a hair drier to puff up the towel around my head with hot air, heating the towel again. When it was warmed up I’d retwist the towel and relax until the next 15 min mark.
    I washed as normal and used a low heat setting to dry and style my hair.

    I’m really pleased with the outcome! Thanks so much for the great hair advice. I’m going to be using this on my hair weekly just to make sure my hair continues to look amazing!!

    Thanks again.
    Jo-Ann Byers