Merman Ryan and Merman Minerals, New and Exciting News for JUNE

MM Introduction LogoGood Afternoon, FINS! I have exciting news for Mermen, Landsmen, Mer-Papas and Pirates! Next month Mermaid Minerals will be all about MERMEN! Check out all the great Merman Mineral products and at               ♥, ☮, & ><((((º>

Now, Mermaids love a well groomed Man, so I have enlisted a Merman to help me with product reviews, advice, and tips. I am proud to announce Merman Ryan will be working fin and fin with me, Meridian and Mermaid Minerals, to bring you a month dedicated to the Men in the Mer-Community!

Please meet my friend Merman Ryan…

“Oddly enough I didn’t gain interests in merfolk as a child. I never really was fond of the cartoony mermaids offered by the likes of Disney. My love of Merfolk didn’t come till my teenage years. The internet had just begun in the mid 90’s and I was looking up stuff randomly finding merfolk art, stories and fans dedicated to various Mers in the media.  I was reintroduced to the likes of popular films like Splash and the lower budget films like Fathom Films Mermaid Island. As the years went by in my teens I realized I wanted to join the ranks of the merfolk and not just watch the lovely ladies of the sea. I soon met Garnette of Foxmoon Productions who made fully swimmable tails. It took me a while to gain the confidences to don a tail (let alone being a man wearing a fish tail) but now I’ve made new friends and live out my dream of being a merman. I’m not a professional but I still enjoy making fantasy reality and give a shining glimmer of happiness and imagination to this sometimes depressing world. I not only want to continue my love of mers through cosplay, I also want to bring a new mythology and identity to merfolk.”

If you have any questions about being a Merman or Merman Mineral Products, or Cosplay, or you just want to chat with a real life Merman you can find Merman Ryan at:


Facebook Fan Page:


Merman Ryan’s photos are courtesy of Sarah Walker of Walker Moving Pictures; you can find her and her work on Facebook!


Love, Peace, & Mermaids,


Things to Look For in June!

All things Merman, including Myth and Lore, History, Real Life Mermen, Tail Makers, and of course some words from our very own Merman Ryan!

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One Response to Merman Ryan and Merman Minerals, New and Exciting News for JUNE

  1. Jo-AnnByers says:

    Dearest Mermaids,

    I just wanted to let you know that the other night I tried your hair treatment The results were amazing!! The difference your treatment made in my hair is nothing short of fabulous!!

    My hair is very fine (like rabbit fur) but I have quite a bit of it so it’s not flat and it usually has lots of body (I have naturally curly hair). I have always used a blow dryer and hot iron to straighten it which made it pretty damaged and dry on top of the damage done by colouring it. The ends were a mess. Now with only one treatment the difference is amazing to feel and see.

    The mixture I used was:
    1 tbsp of raw honey
    2 tbsp olive oil
    1 tbsp coconut oil

    I didn’t have a shower cap so I used saran wrap around my head then wrapped my head in a heated towel (a turbie towel) for an hour.
    Every 15 mins I untwisted the towel and used a hair drier to puff up the towel around my head with hot air, heating the towel again. When it was warmed up I’d retwist the towel and relax until the next 15 min mark.
    I washed as normal and used a low heat setting to dry and style my hair.

    I’m really pleased with the outcome! Thanks so much for the great hair advice. I’m going to be using this on my hair weekly just to make sure my hair continues to look amazing!!

    Thanks again.
    Jo-Ann Byers