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 Vira, the official California Mermaid and my very own Auntie Mer-Ma has offered me some great hair care advice and today I am sharing her words of wisdom with all of my FINS!  Vira is the only licensed mermaid by the State of California or any other State as far as I know. She is known thru her countless appearances at many ecological festivals and oceanic awareness events and 21 years at The Fishermen’s Festival in Bodega Bay blessing the fleet and entertaining the fest goers. Mermaid Vira is also the owner and stylist behind Never Ends Salon in Guerneville, Ca. and last year at Mer-Palooza she was awarded The International Community Environmental Mermaid of the Year award!  With all this and more Vira is an amazing Mermaid who has done amazing things. She is someone we can all look up to! For more info on Vira, check out

 Advice from Mermaid Vira

1. “Use vinegar to wash your hair 1st before or with no shampoo after. Put vinegar in spray bottle (diluted with water if lessor strength preferred) and spray in at the scalp and under the hair.  Make sure to do this on dry scalp and hair. Let the vinegar drip thru ends as it is being rinsed and prepared for LIGHT SHAMPOOING OR NOT SHAMPOOING AFTER AT ALL. Vinegar has already stripped the dirt and cleaned the follicle of buildup, the vinegar has also picked up the natural oils from the scalp and transported the oil where it clings and was needed down at ends of hair. Further shampooing, just strips these needed oils further and will get smell of vinegar out but the smell will go away by just conditioning. Now you can use your regular conditioner or simply let your plain vinegar hair dry and apply coconut oil (Yes the kind you can cook with) very sparingly to ends underneath at nape 1st, then add more to your hands (always making sure to rub thru your hands and get to body temperature before applying) so to spread evenly and absorb. If coconut is not absorbing and seems to heavy, you did not need oil there, so work slowly applying. After ends and nape are oiled let the rest of your hair drape over your hands and allow your hair to pick it up where it needs it (on top and sides) never forcing it into the hair. Done Deal.”

 2. “I recommend using a boar bristle brush 1st from ends and work up to scalp. Once all ends are free from knots, Roll brush on scalp, down thru ends to pick up scalp oils and move them to ends. Never let anyone else use your brush. Always clean hair out of brush each time you re-stroke it thru your hair. (Reason for this is each hair that is in the brush has a snag /split end that could tangle healthy hairs and break them off. Make sure all comb and brush bristles are free from snags and roughness. If there is roughness on a bristle or comb tooth, sometimes a quick file job might smooth it, if not discard.”

3. “As far as haircuts go, I do not believe in cutting across the bottom (Length of hair) What made it to the bottom, made it there because it is the healthiest hair on your head. I believe (and do) what I call Split End Removal. I methodically go thru section after section of all the hair and cut every end of every hair. I measure before and after cutting each section to determine where the bulk of hair in each section is and document these measurements as I go. I suggest the client comes in yearly to re-do this whole process. By the end of the year they usually have gained 6 inches of new hair growth in that year, (provided that they do not destroy what has been split end removed, by chemically over processing or any other damaging process , after they have left my salon.”


I have been using Mermaid Vira’s Vinegar wash for about a month. My hair is overly processed, super damaged, and dried out! Now there is marked improvement to my hair! The vinegar has returned the natural oils to my scalp and hair, my hair is really soft and some of the healthy hair shine has started to return!  I spray my hair with vinegar, then lightly condition with Mermaid Minerals Peppermint Condition. If I have been using a lot of styling tools, product or hair chalks, I apply coconut oil to my hair and usually leave it overnight. You can get coconut oil at your local grocery store or you can get it in the   Hawaiian Beauty Secret Trio by Mermaid Minerals! It comes with Coconut Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil and Kukui Nut Oil; all these are great for Skin and Hair! I love using natural oils, the Hawaiian Beauty Secret Trio, is a must have for me! Check out this link for more info on the amazing benefits these natural oils have!

Hawaii is a very special place for Mermaid Patti and all Mermaid Mineral products are based on her love for the islands! Because of this I would like to share with you a little Mermaid Lore from the beautiful islands.

 A Legend of Mismatched Lovers

“One night Hina, a beautiful young women, noticed a handsome man swimming in the ocean not far away and instantly fell in love with him. His name was Tuna and couple vowed to be together as husband and wife. But Tuna had a secret and he made his beloved promise never to search into his past or try to discover where he lived. In addition, she had to agree to only see him at night.  After a while the mystery and the limitations of the relationship frustrated and saddened Hina. Seeing Hina’s unhappiness, the fisherman Divinity, Maui, approached her. Maui being familiar with sea, knew of Tuna’s true identity – he was a merman. That night, Maui waited by the sea until Tuna emerged from the water to visit his wife, Tuna, sensing danger lurking nearby, told Hina he feared for his life. He asked her to promise that if he were to die, she would cut off his head and plant it in the ground. A tree would grow from it, he said, and the fruit of the tree would resemble his face and his matted hair.  As Tuna made his way back to the ocean, Maui leapt from his hiding place and killed the merman. Hina kept her promise and planted her husband’s head, from which grew the majestic coconut palm tree. Each time she picked a coconut, she saw Tuna’s head in her hands.”

Quoted from “Mermaids the Myth, Legends, & Lore” by Skye Alexander

 I hope you enjoyed this blog and find Vira’s advice as helpful as I do! I know it is important to take of your hair and I must confess, I am lazy about my hair! If I can follow these tips and tricks to healthier hair, then so can you!

Love, Peace, & Mermaids,



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