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hair chalk blog photoMost people think of the classic long blonde hair following down the mermaids back as she sings softly to herself, but would it surprise you that most Mermaids don’t have blonde hair? Legends from all over the world say a mermaids hair can range from Blonde to Black and in some places, blue, green and purple are the common colors. In Australia the mermaids are known as the Yawkyawks, they have long green hair that resembles algae and can turn into dragonflies and fly away at night.  The Greek Tritons had green hair and tales from Ireland and the British Isle talk of green haired mermaids. In Scandinavia, however, mermaids are predominantly blonde, but other tales of close encounters say a mermaid’s hair can range from the palest blonde to the blackest black.

 “Siren Sighting!”

In 1614, American explorer John Smith (Pocahontas) stated he’d seen a mermaid off the coast of Massachusetts. He described her as having long green hair and she was “by no means Unattractive.”

~Skye Alexander “Mermaids. The Myths, Legends & Lore

One of my favorite past times is to dye my hair outrageous colors, from blue to green, from red to purple then pink and orange!  As much as I enjoy my brightly colored hair, it is damaged and brittle from all the chemical dyes and bleaches.  I stop coloring my hair for a while and give my hair a chance to breath. Most people can’t have brightly colored because of work or social constraints, some people have hair that won’t take another dye job and other people want colored hair but don’t want it to be permanent.  Coloring your hair and maintaining the color is a time consuming process, but there is something new taking hold in the beauty world….HAIR CHALK!!!

What is Hair Chalk?

Hair Chalk is cosmetic grade chalk.  It is temporary Hair Color that leaves little to no damage to your hair! You can buy Hair Chalk handmade on Etsy or cosmetic grade Hair Chalk from nearly any trending website! My warnings to you, when purchasing hair chalk, make sure it isn’t sidewalk chalk or artist chalk. While you can use these types of chalk, they will dry out your hair and the color will be dull or grey after a few minutes.

Hair Chalk: Meridian’s Process

My Facebook Page will have a photo tutorial to go along with these instructions! I use a wet paste like application for the chalk. The colors are brighter, it saturates the hair, and frankly, it is easier than using dry chalk. This is to be done on DRY hair.

To begin: Do your hair BEFORE you do your makeup or get dressed! Pick out the colors you want use; cover yourself and your work space with towels. The chalk is messy and will get all over your tools, your work space, and yourself. Fortunately, makeup remover cloths clean it right up! The chalk does not stain so if you get it on something, just use warm water and a little soap to clean it.

You will need:


Water and Eyedropper

Mixing bowls and Grater

Heat Styling Tools and Hair Spray

Towels and gloves (I never use gloves; it washes right off my hands)

Brushes, combs, bobby pins

Make-Up Remover Cloths or a damp cloth for cleaning up

1. Grate down the chalk into a fine powder. I use a garlic grater, you can also use a mortar and pestle.

2. Add a few drops of water at a time to the chalk powder. You want a semi-loose paste. If it gets too watery add more chalk powder.

3. Decide on the style for your hair and separate the pieces you want to chalk. It is important to choose a hairstyle that won’t take much fuse. The more you have to mess with your chalked hair, the more color you will lose. So make sure your hairstyle is set in place before leaving the house!

4.On DRY hair spread the chalk paste on the hair that you sectioned off.  Once the hair is good and covered, spray with hairspray.  The Hair spray will help hold the chalk to your hair as it dries.

5. Use a flat iron to heat set the chalk on the hair, alternating with heat and hair spray a few times.

6. Once you have chalked and heat set your hair you can begin to style it. Remember the more Hair Spray, the better!  Your hair will be sticky and hard to comb. I recommend a hair pick to loosen and chalk from your hair. You won’t want to actually comb through your hair, you just want to fluff and loosen the hair.

It is only 6 steps to colored hair, but it will take some time to do, especially your first try. It took me two hours from start to finish the first time I tried hair chalk!


The make-up cloths will clean off any chalk dust on your styling tools and combs. Make sure to give everything a rise with a damp cloth to all the soap and chalk residue.

Washing out the Chalk

Shampoo as normal, with blue tones you may have to shampoo more than once. I use Mermaid Minerals, Nutra Peptide Shampoo. It has Sea Buckthorn seed oil which is really good for protect hair against protein loss and damage. Plus, Nutra Peptide is infused with an acid called Alpha-Linolenic Acid which is a very important nutrient for healthy shiny hair! Use a good conditioner and let it set in your hair for a little longer than you normally would. Try the Peppermint Conditioner from Mermaid Minerals for refreshing way to finish your hair care routine! If you still see colored water when you rinse, repeat washing. If you are worried about the chalk drying out your hair, all you need is coconut oil. Warm a little coconut oil in your hands and comb it through the area of your hair that had the chalk. I like to leave the oil in overnight; I cover my hair before bed and wash it out in the morning, but you only need to leave in for about an hour.

I hope you find this tutorial fun and easy to follow. If you try it out, send me pictures and leave a comment letting me know your reviews, tips, or tricks.

Melody’s Review:

“Hair Chalk was a new experience for me as far as coloring products go. I wasn’t sure how well the colors would turn out since my hair is fairly dark, but I was pleasantly surprised. The yellow and light greens were incredibly vibrant when dried and set. Cleanup was also relatively easy, even if it left the shower floor looking a little green. While it was fun, I would have to say that the biggest drawback was the amount of chalk residue that seemed to scatter everywhere once it was dry. This problem might be solved with a lighter application (though that may reduce color saturation), or possibly with use of other styling products to set the chalk. I would need to experiment with it more before using it on a regular basis, but it was definitely a fun and safe way to play with color.”

Love, Peace, & Mermaids,


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